Best answer: Are All er verbs regular in French?

Which French verbs are regular?

Some Common French Regular -ER Verbs

  • aimer > to like, to love.
  • arriver > to arrive, to happen.
  • chanter > to sing.
  • chercher > to look for.
  • commencer > to begin.
  • danser > to dance.
  • demander > to ask for.
  • dépenser > to spend (money)

Is aller a regular or irregular verb?

Aller is an irregular -er verb and needs the auxiliary verb être in compound tenses.

Are all re verbs irregular?

Some of the most common irregular –RE verbs have their own internally consistent conjugation rules. These include prendre (to take), battre (to fight), mettre (to put), rompre (to break), and all of their derivatives.

Are All er verbs regular?

Save for aller (to go), all –er verbs are regular. Some of them are sneaky stem-changing verbs, but that’s for another time! Luckily, there are a ton of regular –er verbs in French. Basically, it goes without saying that knowing how to conjugate –er verbs is a must.

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