Best answer: Can I own a car in France?

What do you need to own a car in France?

What you must have with you in your car in France

  1. Full valid driver’s licence.
  2. The vehicle’s carte grise.
  3. Proof of Insurance.
  4. Passport or national ID card.
  5. Two Government-certified breathalysers (two, so that if you have to use one you aren’t left with none, which would be illegal)
  6. Reflective jackets for all passengers.

Can a UK resident own a car in France?

Until around 2012 you could keep a British registered car in France and insure it. But if you’re returning and think you still can, sadly not. The rules were changed and now when you bring your car over to France from the UK you can keep your British plates only for the first six months.

Can I own a French registered car in France?

French law requires that if you are staying in France for longer than six months (in any twelve months), then the vehicle must be formally registered in France and plated with a French registration number. … You can of course own and register a France registered vehicle.

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Can you register a car in France if you are not resident?

If you move temporarily to another EU country without changing your normal residence you do not have to register your car or pay any registration taxes there. You can keep your car registered in your country of normal residence.

Are cars cheap in France?

Cars: How expensive is France for cars? They’re not cheap. Even “regular” cars cost more than the same model in the U.S. Note that the VAT (tax) is built into the French price, so the sticker price is the actual price.

Why are cars more expensive in France?

Second-hand prices are exceptionally high – but why? The simple answer is that the French second-hand market is very different from the UK, and even from its neighbours who also drive on the right. … French garages face stricter regulations concerning used cars than in many other countries.

Can I drive a French car in France with a UK license?

Your UK licence is recognised in France for as long as it is valid. Paper licences are usually valid until you are 70.

Can I own a car in France after Brexit?

Customs duties and taxes on used vehicles after Brexit

You must have owned the car for at least 6 months prior to moving to France and must declare the vehicle on your inventory of goods when moving to France. In this case, an exemption is made and the vehicle will not be subject to custom duties or taxes.

How long can I drive a foreign car in France?

Under EU law, a private vehicle may be temporarily imported and used on French roads for up to six months in any 12 month period.

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Can you buy a car in Germany and bring it to France?

Re: Buying a car in Germany, taking it to France

If the car is more than four years old it will need to pass a côntrole technique, the French roadworthiness test (similar to the MOT); this must have occurred less than six months previously (two months if a contre-visite or re-test is required).