Best answer: Do you need to speak French to work in Belgium?

Can you work in Brussels without speaking French?

To work in Belgium without knowing Dutch and French? Yes it’s possible. Some expats live in Brussels for years without using any language other than English. The expat community in Brussels is so large that it is quite possible to limit your social life to an English-speaking bubble!

Can you work in Belgium speaking English?

Language requirements to work in Belgium

You would most likely be expected to speak the language of the particular region in which you’ll be working. In some cases, mainly in international companies, English may be sufficient. You can find many language schools in Belgium if you need to improve your language skills.

Do you need to speak French to live in Belgium?

The primary language in Belgium is Dutch, spoken by approximately 60% of the population. … Many Flemish people can also speak French as a second language. Like the Dutch spoken in Flanders, Belgian French is mostly similar to the dialect spoken in France, but there are small differences in vocabulary and pronunciation.

Can you live in Belgium with only English?

It isn’t practical to move to Belgium if you don’t want to learn another language. You won’t get very far only speaking English here. If you are English speaking and you are willing to learn another language to live and work here then I would say give it a go.

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Should I learn French or Dutch in Brussels?

Learning French in Brussels – or even Dutch – for a short period of time, is always better than learning nothing at all. Most people agree with this! By learning, I don’t mean to be fluent or bilingual but to at least be able to understand a few aspects of, and conversations in, the target language.

Is Belgium a good place to learn French?

French is more international and spoken worldwide. In Belgium, 41% of the inhabitants speak French. It is the second most spoken language in the country and it is spoken in the south of the country and mainly in Brussels. For this reason, Brussels is a great place to practice and improve your French.

Can I move to Belgium without a job?

If you are an EU citizen then you can work in Belgium without a visa or work permit. Citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland do not need work permits but they will need to register if they stay for more than 90 days.

What is the highest paying job in Belgium?

The highest paid Belgium are Executive Management & Change professionals at $126,000 annually. The lowest paid Belgium are Services, Tourism & Hospitality professionals at $36,000.

What are the requirements to work in Belgium?

Requirements to Obtain a Belgian Work Visa

  • A valid passport, along with a copy of each page.
  • Proof of accommodation in Belgium. Evidence of sufficient financial means.
  • A police background check.
  • A medical certificate of health.
  • A work permit.