Best answer: How do you what’s your name in French?

What is your name in French formal?

The French translation for “What is your name? (formal)” is Comment vous appelez-vous ?.

How do u ask someone their name in French?

To ask someone what their name is you can say:

  1. Comment vous appelez-vous ? (“What’s your name?” formal)
  2. Comment tu t’appelles ? (Also “what’s your name?” but informal)

What is the M in Je M Appelle?

je m’appelle. I’m I am. I call myself.

What is your name duolingo French?

Comment vous appelez-vous? -Comment tu t’appelles? -Comment t’appelles-tu?

How do you ask for a name?

If you are concerned that a question — any question — is abrupt or potentially rude, you can soften it by saying, “Excuse me, but …” or “Would you please tell me …” or “Would you mind telling me …”. In your examples, “May I ask you what your name is?” is valid.

Do you speak French in French?

Baccara: “Do you speak French?” Baccara: “Parlez-vous Français?

Is Je M Appelle masculine or feminine?

Jane and John both say Je m’appelle and all the other endings are not gendered. However in one instance it would change, that is the past participle. So, in the passé composé, if “he called,” you would say “il a appelé” in French. If she called, then it is appelée, and add an ‘s’ if it is they.

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How do you introduce yourself in French 10 lines?

How do you introduce yourself in French 10 lines?

  1. Bonjour, enchanté(e) de faire votre connaissance.
  2. Comment t’appelles-tu?
  3. Je m’appelle ______.
  4. Je viens de France.
  5. J’habite à Paris.
  6. J’apprends le français depuis un an.
  7. J’apprends le français sur (insert here).
  8. J’ai 27 ans.

How do you describe yourself in French?

To describe yourself, there are two important phrases: Je suis, meaning ‘I am,’ and J’ai, meaning ‘I have. ‘ To describe their height, men say ‘Je suis grand’ or ‘Je suis petit. ‘ Women use grande or petite.