Best answer: How were the causes of the French Revolution and the Latin American revolutions similar?

What are the similarities between the American Revolution and the French Revolution?

Both want a change from being ruled by an absolute ruler, both have economic instability from war debt, both have social inequality. And also, both started because of enlightenment ideas.

What caused the American French and Latin American revolutions?

Although the French and American people had several distinct and differing motives for revolting against their ruling governments, some similar causes led to both revolutions, including the following: Economic struggles: Both the Americans and French dealt with a taxation system they found discriminating and unfair.

What ideas did the French and American revolutions share?

Both the American and French Revolutions were focused around liberty and equality. Both countries were trying to gain freedom.

How were the American French and Latin American revolutions different?

The Latin American Revolutions differed with the French Revolution because Latin America was dealing with colonialism and imperialism by foreign countries. … The French Revolution was fought to overthrow the King while the Latin American Revolutions were fought to gain independence.

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How were the American and Latin American revolutions similar?

The revolutions in Latin America, like the American Revolution, ended with independence from a European power. The revolutions were also similar in that there were significant divisions within the revolutionary forces, with many creole loyalists fighting on the side of the Spanish forces.

How were the American and French revolution different quizlet?

The American revolution was a colonial revolution against a mother country and the French revolution was in France against their king. The colonists in America wanted to be viewed as Americans and not British therefore wanting independence from the mother country.

How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution quizlet?

Why did the American Settlers decide to revolt against England? … How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution? The French helped the American colonists win their independence from the British and were inspired by the idea of liberty. What problems did the French people have with King Louis XVI?

How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution Brainly?

Answer: The French who had direct contact with the Americans were able to successfully implement Enlightenment ideas into a new political system. The National Assembly in France even used the American Declaration of Independence as a model when drafting the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in 1789.