Best answer: What documents do you need for CAF France?

How do you qualify for CAF in France?

Who is eligible for the CAF subsidy? Anyone living in France with dependent children – legitimate, illegitimate, fostered or adopted – is entitled to family benefits for their children up to the age of 20, if not working/earning under EUR 893.25 per month (or age 21 for housing and family income supplement).

How do I apply for CAF 2020?

In order to apply for the CAF, simply go to their website and fill out the online application. We recommend that you apply as soon as you secure accommodation.

How do I open a CAF account?

How do I apply for a CAF Bank account? Either download an application form. Email us at Or, call us on 03000 123 456 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, except English bank holidays) to request one be sent out to you.

How much do you get from CAF France?

The CAF is an extremely useful form of financial support for renting accommodation in France. If you are in a studio you can recaive as much as €200 a month, and if you are in shared housing you can recaive up to €180 a month.

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How do I submit documents to caf?

You can submit your documentation electronically on through your « Mon compte » (My account) area or using the mobile app Caf-Mon compte. For more information: Check out -> « Aide au logement étudiant ». You will find videos and tips to help you apply for housing aid.

Do I need a French bank account for CAF?

You need a French bank account in order to apply.

You can submit your documentation electronically on through your “Mon compte” (My account) area or using the mobile app Caf-Mon compte.

How long does CAF application take?

3 months to two years. It depends on your application, what you applied for and if your criminal record check comes back cleared early. took 6 months. The steps are applied online, then you will get a call to write the test, from there you will be told jobs that are available for you.

How long does it take to get CAF France?

When will I start receiving my benefits? Housing assistance is granted from the month after you move in. The first payment is gene- rally made two months after the application is submitted.

How is CAF calculated?

The CAF is a percentage that is applied to fees, in addition to the base exchange rate. It is calculated based on the average of the exchange rate over the prior three months. The currency adjustment factor increases in direct response to the United States dollar dropping in value.

How do I apply for CAF APL?

To benefit from housing allowance (known as APL in France), each co-tenant must submit their application as quickly as possible on the French family allowances fund (CAF) website and create their housing application (copy of both sides of the national identity card, passport or birth certificate, bank account details, …

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Is CAF a charity?

CAF provides services and assistance to UK and international charities and their donors, and promotes general donation to charities.

Charities Aid Foundation.

Type Registered Charity
Area served Worldwide

Does CAF Bank have an app?

Does CAF Bank have a mobile app? We aren’t able to offer this service at the moment. You can log in to your account via CAF Bank Online here.