Best answer: What is a geographic advantage of France?

What are 2 geographical features in France?

Geography and Climate of France

Metropolitan France has a varied topography that consists of flat plains and/or low rolling hills in the north and west, while the rest of the country is mountainous with the Pyrenees in the south and the Alps in the east.

Why is France’s geography almost perfect?

Another reason Frances geography is so good is because of the natural borders of it. To the south is the easily defendable Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The south-east there is the even more easily defendable Alps. To the north-east is the Rhine.

What are 3 major physical features in France?

Three main geologic regions are distinguishable: the skeletal remains of ancient mountains that make up the Hercynian massifs; the northern and western plains; and the higher young fold mountains in the south and southeast, including the Alps and the Pyrenees, with their attendant narrow plains.

What is the climate and geography of France?

France’s climate is temperate, but divided into four distinct climatic areas. … The Mediterranean climate of south-eastern France is responsible for hot, dry summers, with rainfall from October to April (when the weather is damp but mild) and ample sunshine all year round (Provence, Côte d’Azur and Corsica).

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What are some features of France?

Each of these six geographic landmarks offers enormous opportunities for recreation, as well as a healthy serving of awe.

  • Alps Mountains. The Alps are one of the vast mountain ranges in Europe. …
  • Mediterranean Sea. …
  • Pyrenees Mountains. …
  • Atlantic Coast. …
  • English Channel. …
  • Rhine River.

Why is France an ideal country for agriculture?

Arable lands in France are located on both sides of the 45th parallel north and are under a mild climate, which allows a large diversity of production. Thanks to its climate, soils, and overseas departments and territories, France is the only European country able to produce almost all agricultural goods.

What is France’s climate?

Climate of France. France has a mainly temperate climate. … Northern and north-western France has a maritime climate with mild winters and warm summers. Central northern France has rather colder winters and slightly warmer summers, with Paris having a mean annual temperature of 13°C and a seasonal range of ±8°C.

What are France’s landforms?

Three are seven major landforms in France: the Cotentin Peninsula, the Brittany Peninsula, the Channel islands, Corsica, the Alps, Gorges du Verdon and various coastal islands. Taken as a whole, France resembles a pentagon and is bordered by eight countries, including Italy, Germany and Switzerland.