Best answer: What is a saga in French?

What does saga mean in French?

[ˈsɑːɡə ] 1. (= Nordic legend) saga f. 2. (= long story) épopée f.

What is a French Couturière?

noun. seamstress [noun] a woman who earns her living by sewing.

What is Star called in French?

étoile. More French words for star. la star noun. star. la étoile noun.

Is Saga a French word?

English Translation of “saga” | Collins French-English Dictionary.

Is saga English word?

Meaning of saga in English. a long story about past events over a long period of time: Her new novel is a lengthy and compelling family saga.

How do you use the word saga?

Saga in a Sentence

  1. The author’s second novel is the continuation of the saga she started in her first book.
  2. Our family trip was quite a saga and included everything from an abandoned baby to an escaped zebra.
  3. When my identity was stolen, clearing up my credit report became a long saga that lasted over a year.

What does saga mean in Norwegian?

The main meanings of the Old Norse word saga (plural sǫgur) are ‘what is said, utterance, oral account, notification‘ and the sense used in this article: ‘(structured) narrative, story (about somebody)’.

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