Best answer: What was the effect of Treaty of Versailles on Germany Class 9?

What was the impact of Treaty of Versailles on Germany Class 9?

The treaty forced Germany to surrender colonies in Africa, Asia and the Pacific; cede territory to other nations like France and Poland; reduce the size of its military; pay war reparations to the Allied countries; and accept guilt for the war.

What are the effect of the Treaty of Versailles over Germany?

Germany lost possession of its overseas colonies. Germany lost a tenth of its population and 13 percent of its territories, 75 percent of its iron and 26 percent of coal resources were acquired by France, Poland, Denmark and Lithuania. Germany was demilitarized by allied powers to weaken its power.

What was the result of the peace treaty of Versailles Class 9?

Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty which brought World War I to an end. The Treaty ended the war between Germany and the Allied Powers. … She had to a huge war indemnity and her mineral rich areas of Saar and Rhineland was occupied by France. All German colonies in Asia and Africa were forcefully captured.

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What were the effects of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany mention any three effects?

1- Germany lodt all of its overseas colonies a tenth of its populationand 13percentof its territories. 2- 26percent of its coal mines and75percent of its iron were given to france ,poland, donmark abd lithuania. 3-The resources rich rhineland of germany was occupied by allied armies which gave a haevy loss to germany.

How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany quizlet?

How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany? Germany was forced to demilitarize the Rhineland, Germany was forced to pay reparations to the French and English, and Germany was forced to accept TOTAL guilt for the war.

Why was the Treaty of Versailles so harsh on Germany?

The main reasons why the Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles was because they thought it was unfair. … The Germans were also furious about the various terms of the Treaty. They hated clause 231 – the ‘War Guilt’ clause – which stated that Germany had caused ‘all the loss and damage’ of the war.

Was the Treaty of Versailles fair on Germany?

Explanation: The Treaty was fair in the sense that it could be justified by the Allied powers. It was not wise in that the harsh conditions of the treaty set the stage for world war II. … This provided a monetary justification for Germany being forced to pay for the loses incurred by the Allies.

What were the effects of peace treaty on Germany after the First World War?

The treaty gave some German territories to neighbouring countries and placed other German territories under international supervision. In addition, Germany was stripped of its overseas colonies, its military capabilities were severely restricted, and it was required to pay war reparations to the Allied countries.

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