Can I go to France to study French?

Can you go to France to learn French?

It’s all possible when you come to learn French in France. Whether your end goal is to attend one of our French language schools in France, find a job in France, or use French for your travel plans, you can tailor a study plan to your objectives and schedule.

Can I study French in France for free?

Can you study in France for free? Yes – if you are a citizen or permanent resident of a country of the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland. … Although studying in France is then not entirely “free”, you will only be charged a very small amount when you study at a public university.

Can I get a student visa to learn French in France?

There are several types of visas that will enable you to learn French in France : Long stay student visa called VLS-TS “Etudiant” (“Visa long séjour valant titre de séjour étudiant”) can be granted for the period from 4 months to one year. … It doesn’t allow you to benefit from French government rental subsidy CAF.

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Do you need to speak French to go to university in France?

If you want to live and study in France but don’t speak French, there are still options open to you. Short-term programs and full degrees are available in English across France for those lacking language skills.

How long does it take to learn French in France?

With full immersion in the French language, you can expect to be relatively fluent in three to six months. Of course, full French immersion can be tough to accomplish, considering the fact that you probably have a full-time life somewhere where French isn’t the language being spoken!

Can I study in France after 12th?

For all international students, it is required to appear in the language test of France. A candidate needs to complete 18 years of age for getting admission in a graduate program. A candidate needs to secure at least 70% in senior secondary education. Students who secured 60% can go for diploma and foundation courses.

Where is the best place in France to learn French?

8 best places for learning French in France for adults

  1. Paris. Ah, Paris (read in French accent), a city known for its food, art, fashion, and famous residents. …
  2. Montpellier. Montpellier is an oft-overlooked option for learning French in France for adults! …
  3. Marseille. …
  4. Nice. …
  5. Aix-en-Provence. …
  6. Antibes. …
  7. Lyon. …
  8. Grenoble.

Can I bring my family to France while studying?


A spouse or registered partner and dependent children of an international student can apply for a permit to stay/residence in France.

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Do international students get jobs in France?

Foreign students from a country in the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland may stay in France to look for work after they graduate. They can stay as long as they like. If they are under 28, they can also work as an international volunteer in a French administrative office or company abroad.

Can foreign students work in France?

Every foreign student has the right to work in France

French law allows foreign students to work up to 964 hours per year, or the equivalent of 60% of the maximum working hours permitted. … When working in France, whether a student or not, a minimum wage is guaranteed by law.