Does Sandra Oh actually speak French?

Does Cristina Yang really speak French?

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh picked up French while studying acting at a university in Montreal. … Even Cristina Yang, her Grey’s Anatomy character, speaks French.

Is Leighton Meester fluent in French?

“Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester is a capable French speaker, and broke out a few phrases in an interview. … She can speak a number of languages, including Hebrew, German and French.

What ethnicity is Sandra?

Her films include “Sideways.” Sandra Oh is the daughter of South Korean immigrants who came to the U.S. in the ’60s, then moved to Canada, where Sandra Oh was born.

How many languages does Blair Waldorf speak?

1. She fluently speaks at least two languages fluently. Blair Waldorf is not only a very intellectual speaker of the English language, but her French speaking skills are superb. Knowing more than one language is essential in today’s very diverse world.

How well does Sandra Bullock speak German?

Sandra Bullock – German

Actress, producer and Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock was born and raised in the US but she speaks fluent German.

Does Matt Damon speak French?

Matt Damon has been flexing his French language skills recently between his new movie Stillwater and opening the film in Cannes, France (to which they received standing ovations nbd). … While he had to learn some phrases in French, Damon told Etalk’s Chloe Wilde that he’s really not that good.

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