Frequent question: What percentage of France is rural?

What percent of France is urban?

In 2020, about 80.98 percent of the total population in France lived in cities.

France: Degree of urbanization from 2010 to 2020.

Proportion of urban population within the whole
2019 80.71%
2018 80.44%
2017 80.18%
2016 79.92%

How many people live in urban France?

France urban population for 2020 was 54,570,334, a 0.54% increase from 2019. France urban population for 2019 was 54,275,936, a 0.55% increase from 2018. France urban population for 2018 was 53,979,477, a 0.6% increase from 2017. France urban population for 2017 was 53,654,868, a 0.62% increase from 2016.

What is it like to live in rural France?

You have to appreciate the slower pace of life, and to enjoy what country living has to offer: peace, quiet, proximity to nature, simple pleasures. It also helps to be comfortable with solitude — though there is plenty of opportunity for socializing in rural France.

What is the urban rural population ratio in France?

Urban population (% of total population) in France was reported at 80.97 % in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

What percentage of the French population lives cities and suburbs?

Share of urban population in France from 1960-2020. Urban population growth has been constant for several decades in France. Between 1960 and 2020, it rose from 61.88 percent to 80.69 percent.

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What is Russia’s urban population?

Russia urban population for 2020 was 107,723,564, a 0.01% increase from 2019. Russia urban population for 2019 was 107,708,298, a 0.16% increase from 2018. Russia urban population for 2018 was 107,539,205, a 0.18% increase from 2017.