How did the last French lesson come to an end?

How did Mr Hamel conclude his last lesson?

Hamel was a teacher who had been teaching the French for the last 40 years. In his last lesson, he told that from the next day the students would be learning the German from a new teacher. They won’t be learning their own most beautiful, clearest and the logical language which is quite foreign to them.

What was the last French lesson?

The order has come from Berlin to teach only German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. The new master comes tomorrow. This is your last French lesson.

Why did he get choked at the end the last lesson?

M. Hamel felt choked because he had become emotional due to the fact that the time had come for him to leave the place where he had been for forty years, with his garden outside the window and his class in front of him.

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How did he teach the last lesson?

M. Hamel conducted the last lesson. At first, he talk to the French language saying it was the most beautiful language. Then he opened a grammar and read After the grammar, they had a lesson in writing and after writing they had a lesson in writing and After writing they had a lesson in history.

What does the last lesson taught by Hamel symbolize?

The last French lesson taught by M. Hamel symbolizes the loss of language and the loss of freedom for France. It becomes an emotional lesson rendered by M. Hamel to the villagers, signifying the changing order of life and its impact on the sensibilities and emotions of people.

How did the Franz react to the declaration that it was their last French lesson?

Hamel declared ‘This is your last French lesson’. These words were a great thunderclap to Franz. He felt guilty for not learning his lessons. He also knew very little about the French language.

What is the story the last lesson about?

The last lesson by Alphonse Daudet is mainly about the longing to learn the mother tongue and love for it. It has a sense of patriotism. The Prussians rejected the freedom of the people of Lorraine and Alsace to learn their own mother tongue. The colonizers took away the basic rights of the people.

How did France react to declaration that it was their last French lesson?

Franz was shocked to hear that M. hamel was leaving and that it was his last lesson. He realized that he would not able to read and speak his own mother language.

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Why was Franz full of fear *?

Franz was afraid to go to school that day because he had not prepared the test on participles in the least. Mr. M Hamel was a strict teacher. So he was scared of being embarrassed and punished by his teacher.

What happened when the lesson in history was over the last lesson?

What happened when the lesson in history was over? Ans: After the lesson in history was over, the babies chanted their ba, be, bi, bo, bu. Old Hauser, who was sitting at the back of the room, had put on his spectacles. … He was spelling the letters with the babies.

Why did Franz say I never saw him look so tall?

As M. Hamel sat in the chair looking tired and sad, little Franz thought that his teacher had never looked taller. This perception of height is not an actual increase, but symbolic of the pride M. Hamel has and feels for the language he teaches.