How did the philosophers influence the French Revolution?

How did the French philosophers influence the French Revolution?

Among them were Voltaire , Rousseau , Montesquieu and Dederot . Their revolutionary ideas helped the people to fight for their rights . (2) They exposed the inefficiency of the monarch and and his government. (3)Voltaire’s ideas encouraged people to fight against the privileges and finance of the Church without guilt.

How did philosophers influence the thinking of the people of France?

Answer: Philosophers influenced the thinking of the people of France as : (i) They believed that mans’ destiny was in his own hands. (ii) Criticized the divine and absolute rights of rulers. (iii) Idea of formation of government based on social contract between people and their representatives.

What role did the philosophers play in the French Revolution?

➡The philosophers played an important role in the French revolution. They inspired the common mass of France with their revolutionary ideas and prepared them to fight against injustices. ➡They did not believe in the doctrine of the divine and the absolute right of the monarch.

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What philosophies influenced the French Revolution?

French philosophers like Voltaire, Rousseau and Montesquieu inspired the people with revolutionary ideas of liberty and equality. Montesquieu rejected the theory of the Divine Right of Kings and urged for separation of powers. Rousseau, in his book ‘Social Contract’, announced that sovereign power lay in popular will.

What was the role of philosophers?

It conceives of philosophy as an inherently ethical enterprise and reiterates that the philosopher’s role is to draw attention to the shortcomings of our present human conditions, thus generating moments of critique.

What measures were taken by Robespierre to bring equality in the French society explain?

(i) Laws were issued placing a maximum ceiling on wages and prices. (ii) Meat and bread were rationed. (iii) Peasants were forced to sell grain at fixed prices by the government. (iv) All citizens were made to eat bread made of wheat flour.

What was the role of philosophers in the French Revolution for Class 9?

Answer: Ideas of having a society based on freedom and equal laws and opportunities for all were put forward by the French philosophers. … The ideas of these philosophers were discussed by common people in salons and coffee houses and inspired them to fight for their rights.

How were the ideas of philosophers spread in the French society?

Philosophers and intelligent people used to spread their knowledge to other people by teaching them and telling them the importance of those ideas which are necessary for them to know.