How do you ask someone how do you spell their name in French?

How do you ask spelling in French?

You can say one of the following: “Pouvez-vous épeler ce mot s’il-vous-plaît ?” (Can you spell that word, please?) “Comment ce mot s’épèle t’il ?” (How is this word spelled?) Regards.

How do you spell his name in French?

Comment s’appelle-t-il ?

How do you spell your name in French formal?

The French translation for “What is your name? (formal)” is Comment vous appelez-vous ?.

How do you spell spell in French?

spell → épeler. spell → envoûtement, épeler.

How do you use Qu est-ce que?

Qu’est-ce que asks what when what is the object of the verb — that is, when it receives the action. In Qu’est-ce que tu veux?, tu (you) is the subject of the verb, so there can’t be another subject.

How do you ask someone their age in French?

To ask someone’s age, you would say: Quel âge avez-vous ? How old are you, using vous. Tu as quel âge ?

What is Comment ca s Ecrit in English?

T. Comment ça s’écrit ? Okay, how do you spell that? Comment ça s’écrit ? How do you spell that, please?

What does pas mal et toi?

Not bad, and you?

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