How do you conjugate the verb vendre in French?

How do you conjugate vendre in French?

The verb ‘vendre’ means ‘to sell’ in English.

Lesson Summary.

Subject Pronoun Vendre Conjugation
je je vends
tu tu vends
il/elle/on il/elle/on vend
nous nous vendons

How do you conjugate vendre in the present tense?

Vendre is a French regular re verb meaning to sell.

Vendre Conjugation: Present Tense.

je vends
tu vends
il/elle vend
nous vendons
vous vendez

What are the conjugations for Volver?

Conjugation of Volver

Subject Pronoun Volver Conjugation Pronunciation
yo yo vuelvo (bwayl-boh)
tú vuelves (bwayl-bays)
él/ella/usted él/ella vuelve (bwayl-bay)
nosotros nosotros volvemos (bohl-bay-mohs)

How do you use vendre in a sentence in French?


  1. Ils. doivent. vendre. leur. maison. . They have to sell their house.
  2. Je. dois. vendre. mon. appartement. . I have to sell my apartment.
  3. Je. dois. vendre. ces. chaussures. . I have to sell these shoes.

Is the French verb vendre regular?

Vendre is a regular -RE verb.

How do you conjugate vendre in passe compose?

‘vendre’ is the model of its conjugation.


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je/j’ aurais vendu
tu aurais vendu
il, elle, on aurait vendu
nous aurions vendu

What is the perfect tense of vendre in French?

Sample verb vendre – to sell

Tenses (indicative):
Person Preterite (I sold ) Perfect (passé composé) (I have sold )
1st singular. je vendis j’ai vendu
2nd singular tu vendis tu as vendu
3rd singular il (..) vendit il (..) a vendu

What is the stem of the verb volver?

Volver is a stem-changing verb, which means that its main vowel changes in part of its conjugation. So to form its present subjunctive, we’re going to use its irregular stem vuelv– in all forms, EXCEPT FOR nosotros/as and vosotros/as, which keep the regular stem (volv-).

How do you conjugate Volver in present tense?

Volver is a Spanish irregular verb meaning to return.

Volver Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo vuelvo
él/ella vuelve
ns. volvemos
vs. volvéis

How do I use Volver?

Volver is a common verb that often means “to return.” It can also be used to refer to various kinds of change or to repeated actions. Prefixes can be used with volver to form several other common verbs. Volver is a stem-changing verb with an irregular past participle.

How do you conjugate the verb Attendre in French?

Attendre is a French regular re verb meaning to wait.

Attendre Conjugation: Present Tense.

j’ attends
il/elle attend
nous attendons
vous attendez
ils/elles attendent