How do you pass the AP French exam?

Is AP French exam easy?

AP® French Language Exam Introduction

Students across the country tend to think of it as one of the hardest APs even for native speakers. … According to another article, more than 20,000 students take the AP® French Language exam and out of those about 75% get a score of 3 or higher.

What percent is a 5 on the AP French exam?

The following data includes all 18,312 students worldwide who took the AP French Language and Culture Exam this year on any exam date prior to June 12.

Total Group score distributions, 2021 vs. 2019.

AP Score 2019 2021
4 25% 23%
3 36% 35%
2 18% 22%
1 5% 7%

How is the AP French exam structured?

The exam is approximately 3 hours in length with a 95-minute multiple choice section and an 85-minute free response section. It measures the student’s French ability in two general sections, each of which counts as one half of the final grade.

What do I need for the AP French exam?

AP French Exam Tips

Each high school establishes their own requirements for the course, but generally speaking, prospective students need well-rounded language knowledge (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) and skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), as well as familiarity with the French-speaking world.

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Is taking AP French worth it?

AP French is a great course to take for you if you have an interest in French language, culture, or linguistics, but for some, its difficulty may make you reconsider putting it on their schedules.

Do you take AP French after French 3?

You need the background to do well in AP French; taking French 3 concurrently won’t cut it.

What level is AP French exam?

AP French Language and Culture is equivalent to an intermediate level college course in French.

How long is the AP French essay?

Write an argumentative essay based on three given sources (a text, a graphic, and audio). You will have 55 minutes total for this section.

What do you learn in AP French?

In the AP French Language course, students increase their command of French through speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises. They study vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects of the language, then apply what they’ve learned in extensive written and spoken exercises.

What are the 6 AP French themes?

The course is designed around the 6 themes of the AP exam: Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, and Beauty and Aesthetics.