How do you say friends in French Canadian?

How do you say friend in Quebec?

Mon Chum. In Quebec, the word chum can refer to a boyfriend or a male friend, which can potentially make things confusing.

Does Google Translate have French Canadian?

Google has updated its Translate iOS app to include support for French Canadian. Overall, the Google Translate app supports text translations of 103 languages and audio translations of 37 languages. …

What are the names of your friends in French?

Quel est le nom de ton amie?

How do you insult someone in Quebecois?

Insults and Swears

  1. Calice de Crisse! Literally translating as “Chalice of Christ” and coming from Quebec’s religious roots, this expressions means “damn it!”
  2. Tabarnak! …
  3. Osti! …
  4. Un ostie d’innocent. …
  5. Être niaiseux/Être poche. …
  6. Ferme ta gueule! …
  7. J’ai mon voyage. …
  8. Je m’en sacre.

What is mon chum?

Translation of “mon chum” in English. Noun. my boyfriend. my friend. my buddy.

What’s the definition of Québécois?

: a native or inhabitant of Quebec specifically : a French-speaking native or inhabitant of Quebec.

Why does French Canada exist?

The French religion was allowed to be retained through the Quebec Act together which their language. This was how peace was bought. Both the British and the French agreed with the Act and this is the reason why Quebec became a French-speaking province.

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