How do you say im a student in French?

How do we say I am a student in French?

More French words for I am a student. I am a student.

How to say I am a student in French.

I am ashamed of myself I am a programmer
I am a teacher I am at home
I am at your service I am awesome

How do you say I am a college student in French?

je suis un étudiant en collège.

How do you say French student in French?

Translate student from English to French

  1. student → étudiant, étudiante, élève.
  2. student → étudiant, élève, écolier, écolière.

What is the meaning of je suis etudiante?

i am learning spanish.

How do you say girl student in French?

The French translation for “a student (female)” is une étudiante.

What is a university student in French?

noun. étudiant(e) m/f (à l’université)

How do you say Paul is a student in French?

Paul is a student. = Paul est étudiant.

How do you say I study at university in French?

j’étudie à l’université

How do u say students in French?

The word for student in French is étudiant when referring to a male student, and étudiante when referring to a female.

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What is a French student called?

étudiant. More French words for student. les étudiant noun.

How do you say I am a high school student in French?

je suis au lycée.