How does Lyons offend his father?

Who is Lyons and why does he visit?

Lyons is a jazz musician. He asks Troy if he can borrow ten dollars. Troy continues his saga about Death, changing the times and situations in which he met Death and the Devil. This includes the time a door-to-door salesman that Troy claims is the Devil sold him a layaway plan to buy furniture.

How did Troy’s father treat him?

Troy’s father found Troy with a girl Troy had a crush on and severely beat Troy with leather reins. Troy thought his father was just angry at Troy for his disobedience, but proving Troy’s father was even more despicable, his father then raped the girl.

What is significant about the first line in fences?

What is significant about the first line? It is spoken in disbelief by Bono, who is Troy’s friend. In addition, Troy has a tendency to embellish stories that he tells. Troy and Bono get together on the Friday night on which Fences begins.

How much does Lyons borrow from his father?

Troy’s older son, Lyons, has come by to borrow ten dollars. An aspiring musician, Lyons finds himself perennially underemployed. Music does not pay well, and as he indicates in this conversation with his father, he has no desire for any job where he’s under someone else’s control.

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How does Lyons offend his father when speaking of employment *?

How does Lyons offend his father? He downgrades his job of a garbage collector. What advice does Troy offer Lyons? He says Life don’t owe you nothing, you owe it to yourself.

Why does Lyons come to visit what is Troy’s reaction?

13) Lyons comes to visit so that he can pay back the $20 he borrowed from Troy. Troy has to give all of his money to Rose, so he is disgruntled.

How is Troy a bad father?

I would say that one of the primary failings of Troy as a father is his failure to accept and remedy how his own father’s shortcomings impacted the relationship with his son. Initially, Troy’s own failure in his achieving his dream of playing baseball and his father’s lack of encouragement…

What was important to Troy’s father?

What was important to Troy’s father? … When he found out that his father wanted to have sex with his girlfriend.

What did Troy learn about being a father from his dad?

Troy added, however, that his father was so evil that no woman ever remained with him long: The women left, and yet he stayed with the children. So Troy’s understanding of what being a father means includes taking responsibility for one’s offspring but does not include affection.

What does Lyons represent in fences?

Lyons, like Rose, plays the numbers, or local lottery. Their activity in the numbers game represents Rose and Lyons’ belief in gambling for a better future. Lyons’ jazz playing appears to Troy as an unconventional and foolish occupation.

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How does Troy act towards Lyons?

Troy acts like he isn’t happy to see his son. He says that he thought Lyons would be in jail, since a place where Lyons plays music got raided by the police. Lyons says he was just playing music, not gambling. Rose tells Lyons he should have brought his lady friend Bonnie over.