How long can you keep a bottle of Bordeaux?

Does Bordeaux wine go bad?

High-quality Bordeaux should age for at least ten years.

For most wines, 30 years and beyond is getting risky. The longer a wine is cellared, the more susceptible it becomes to certain flaws, such as cork taint and oxidation.

How do you store Bordeaux wine?

A constant year-round temperature of 12-14° C (53-57° F) is ideal. A word to the wise: If the temperature is too high, the wine will age more quickly! Also take care to maintain an ambient hygrometry of 70-80%, to avoid risking distorted or deteriorated labels and corks.

Can you keep a bottle of wine for 20 years?

Select a wine meant to age for years to come.

This is simply false. In fact, most of the wine we buy should be consumed within five years of purchase, and many wines are best consumed within 18 months of bottling. There are, however, many wines that are designed for aging. … Very few wines can age 20+ years.

Is 2016 a good year for Bordeaux wine?

Some winemakers in Bordeaux are calling the 2016 vintage part of “the second coming of Bordeaux” due to the overall excellent quality of the wines and their unique character. … After the superb 2015, Bordeaux is showing great quality in the bottle once again with many outstanding 2016s.

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Is 2015 Bordeaux a good year?

Bordeaux, France’s preeminent wine region, is on a serious winning streak. The 2015 vintage is the second excellent year in a row following the quietly successful 2014—and it’s positioned just ahead of the potentially classic 2016 and promising 2017.

Was Bordeaux a good year for 2019?

Bordeaux 2019’s balanced, linear quality. The 2019 vintage is not an exceptional year like last year’s 2018 from barrel when Bordeaux winemakers pulled off a near miracle in their vineyards, picking ripe and opulent grapes in a late, dry and warm harvest following months of problems, including hail and mildew.

What does old Bordeaux taste like?

The taste of Bordeaux wine from the Left Bank delivers fruit scents and flavors of cassis, blackberry, dark cherry, vanilla, black cherry, coffee bean, spice and licorice. The wines are often concentrated, powerful, firm and tannic. Depending on the specific wine, it can appear to be austere in character in its youth.

When should I drink Bordeaux 2006?

Having tasted most more than 100 of the top 2006 wines on their 10th anniversary, it is obvious that many of the best wines remain stubbornly tannic and several wines, especially in the Medoc have taken on strict personalities. Most will not be ready to drink until they are at least 15-20 years of age.

Do you refrigerate Bordeaux?

Fuller-bodied, tannic wines like Bordeaux and Napa Cabernet Sauvignon taste better warmer, so keep them to 45 minutes in the fridge. Red wine that’s too cold tastes dull, but when too warm, it’s flabby and alcoholic. Like Goldilocks, somewhere in between is just right.

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