How long was the Saarland given to France for?

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Was the Saarland given to France?

Saarland was established in 1920 after World War I as the Territory of the Saar Basin, occupied and governed by France under a League of Nations mandate. … Saarland used its own currency, the Saar franc, and postage stamps issued specially for the territory until 1959.

What happened to the Saarland in 1935?

A referendum on territorial status was held in the Territory of the Saar Basin on 13 January 1935. Over 90% of voters opted for reunification with Germany, with 9% voting for the status quo as a League of Nations mandate territory and less than 0.5% opting for unification with France.

What should happen to the Saar?

It should be returned to France. Versailles Agenda Issue- What should happen to the Saar? Should be given to France for 15 years, after which the people of the Saar should decide whether to be French or German. … Allied troops should remain there for 15 years, Germany banned from ever stationing troops there.

What is the capital city of Saarland?

What happened to Danzig in the Treaty of Versailles?

1921: The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to surrender its hold on the city of Danzig, which came under League of Nations control. Two of Germany’s eastern provinces, Posen and West Prussia, were ceded to Poland. (Map by National Geographic Maps.)

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What was important about Alsace Lorraine?

Alsace-Lorraine was a border region located between the Rhine River and the Vosges Mountains. Its role in French wartime propaganda, its geographic location, and its tumultuous recent history all combined to give the region a distinct experience of the First World War.

What would be the fate of Saar Valley after 15 years?

Under the Treaty of Versailles, the highly industrialized Saar Basin, including the Saar Coal District (German: Saarrevier), was to be occupied and governed by the United Kingdom and France under a League of Nations mandate for a period of fifteen years. Its coalfields were also to be ceded to France.

What does Lebensraum stand for?

1 : territory believed especially by Nazis to be necessary for national existence or economic self-sufficiency. 2 : space required for life, growth, or activity.