How many TV stations does the average French person have?

What are the top 3 TV channels in France?

National channels (Metropolitan France)

EPG No. Channel Multiplex
1 TF1 SMR6
2 France 2 SGR1
3 France 3 SGR1
4 Canal+ CNH

How many TV stations are there in France?

In France you can watch 6 terrestrial channels. There is a true diversity of programmes and each TV channel has a very distinctive profile, from private channels offering lots of reality-TV shows like TF1 to public channels focusing on information and culture like Arte and France 5.

How many television channels are there in France?

Audience share of the leading TV channels in France 2020

In 2017, there were more than 160 generalist television channels available in France. TF1 is known in France for broadcasting major international sporting events including mainly all matches of France’s national football team also called “Les Bleus”.

What are the 6 main channels in France?

French public broadcaster France Télévisions operates six national television channels – France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France Ô and Franceinfo and online service

Is TV Free in France?

Watching TV in France

Since 2011, all terrestrial TV channels in France have been broadcast digitally. These channels are accessed through a system called TNT (Télévision Numérique Terrestre). This is a similar service to the UK’s Freeview platform and channels free of charge.

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What is the main French news channel?

Television is France’s most popular medium. The flagship network, TF1, is privately-owned and public broadcaster France Televisions is funded from the TV licence fee and advertising revenue. Satellite and cable offer a proliferation of channels.

What is the French TV rating system?

The television content rating system in France currently consists of four ratings that add a minimum age to all television content, and has been used by various channels in the country, including TF1, France 3, Canal+, and 6ter.

How can I get French TV in France?

The Ultimate Guide to Watching French TV Online

  1. Canal+ Canal+ is a private channel that’s home to some of France’s best original programming. …
  2. TV5MONDE. TV5MONDE is one channel that is actually available via certain cable providers, so you can watch French TV on your TV! …
  3. France2. …
  4. Arte.