Is 2017 a good year for French wine?

Is 2017 a good wine year France?

The 2017 vintage for Bordeaux was very hit and miss but some good wines were made. Although the winter was slightly warmer than average, January was extremely cold and dry.

Most Popular 2017 Vintage: Bordeaux.

Wine Name Chateau Lynch-Bages, Pauillac, France
Vintage 2017
Grape Bordeaux Blend Red
Popularity 16th
Score 93

Is 2017 a bad year for wine?

The biggest issue with the 2017 vintage, Proctor says is market perception versus reality. Relatively speaking, not many wines from the 2017 harvest were affected. Of the estimated 10 percent unpicked grapes, maybe 3.5 percent were impacted, Bitter says, but in reality, it was probably closer to 1-2 percent.

Is 2016 or 2017 a better year for wine?

The most striking difference between Burgundy’s 2016 and 2017 vintages is not immediately in their quality, but in their respective quantities… 2016 was a year of scarcity, producing 20% less than the regional average. 2017, on the other hand, was more generous, bringing an above-average yield.

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Is 2017 a good year for St Emilion?

In 2017, both St-Émilion and its satellites, notably Montagne-St-Émilion, saw some of the worst of the frost damage. Prestigious properties weren’t spared either, and several grand crus classés suffered considerable losses of up to 100%.

Is 2017 a good year for chardonnay?

The 2017 vintage will be excellent for San Diego County wines. San Luis Obispo: Chardonnay yields are a bit higher than average and Pinot Noir is just below. Both are showing good flavor development, with a little less acidity than usual.

Is 2019 a good year for French wine?

Overall, 2019 was a hot vintage with all the potential successes and pitfalls that this style of year brings with it; rich fruits, concentration, high alcohols, plenty of tannins. The top wines on the Left Bank seem less lush but more structured than in 2018, so closer to 2016 in style.

Is 2017 a good Australian wine year?

The 2017 Australian vintage was generally very good. The growing season was marginally cooler and wetter than usual, especially for regions like the Barossa Valley and Adelaide. … Both the Barossa and Clare valleys produced some great Shiraz and Riesling while Adelaide Hills produced some excellent Chardonnay.

Is 2017 a good year for Napa wine?

My tastings in Napa Valley this past fall were incredibly illuminating. Although much maligned, the 2017 vintage yielded a number of exceptional wines. Quality is irregular, though, and there are certainly many 2017s that show the signs of a very challenging growing season. Readers will need to be especially selective.

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Is Pinot Noir a good year 2017?

In 2017, nearly 850 domestic Pinot Noir were reviewed, with 15% of the wines receiving a score of 94 or above. … I score all the wines using the 100-point scoring system with guidelines as follows: 94-99 Extraordinary, 90-93 Outstanding, 86-89, Very Good, and 82-85 Good.

Was 2016 or 2017 a better year for Napa cabernet?

You will have a hard time with the best; the 2016 is much better than the 2017.” Most top names in Napa Valley will make very little 2017. Some will bottle no wine. Screaming Eagle will only have a barrel or two of wine from the vintage.

Is 2018 a good year for wine?

The 2018 wine vintage was, overall, very successful. Bordeaux, in particular, has all the makings of a legendary year particularly for the wines of the left bank but time will ultimately tell. … However, as so often the case, a great year for dry Bordeaux reds and whites means a poor year for the stickies.

Is 6 year old chardonnay still good?

Most wines, red or white, are made to drink well upon release and are best enjoyed while still young and fresh, so I would agree with your “five years or less” assessment. But some of the best Chardonnays in the world (white Burgundy and others) can age for a decade or more.

Was 2017 a vintage year?

That is why the recently declared 2017 universally declared vintage is so remarkable, as it comes right after the incredible 2016 vintage. The only other time two back-to-back vintages were universally declared was in 1872 and 1873.

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Is 2017 a good vintage?

“At the beginning of ageing, the quality of 2017 red wines from vineyards spared by frost are proving to be satisfactory to very good. They are deeply-coloured and have intense fruity aromas.” … “The 2017 vintage is a major success for the dry white wines of Bordeaux, which are clearly superior to 2015 and 2016.

Is 2018 a good year for Bordeaux?

2018 Vintage: Bordeaux. Despite initially challenging weather, the 2018 Bordeaux vintage was excellent possibly even legendary. The winter was unusually wet and remained so throughout the spring. These warm, wet conditions did, however, prompt an outbreak of downy mildew which threatened various vineyards.