Is amour a French name?

Is Amour a French word?

There aren’t many French terms of endearment more romantic than mon amour, which means “my love” in French.

Where does the name Amour come from?

Amour Name Meaning. French: habitational surname from any of various places so named, for example in Jura and Saône-et-Loire. It is a secondary surname associated with the French primary names Bouchet, Nadal, Payet, and Roy, among others.

What does the name Amour mean?

The name Amoura is primarily a female name of American origin that means Love. From the French word “Amour” which means love.

Is Mi amor French or Spanish?

To call someone “my love” in Spanish, you can say mi amor.

What does the last name D Amour mean?

French: patronymic from Amour, nickname for an amorous man or a love child.

What is meaning of amour in Marathi?

noun. a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship.

What language is Mi Amore?

Overall, the Spanish phrase “mi amor” is a term of endearment that directly translates to “I love” in English.

What is another word for amour?

What is another word for amour?

romance affair
relationship fling
liaison affaire
entanglement love
passion love affair
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