Is Beaux plural in French?

What is the plural of Beaux?

beau (plural beaux or beaus)

What is the difference between Beau and beaux in French?

Senior Member. “rêves” in your sentence is masculine plural, so the adjective has to be adjusted to the noun. The word “beaux” is masculine plural, too, so it fits well. In the other sentence, “que tu es beau” would be possible as well, since you didn’t say what gender “tu” has.

What does the name Beaux mean?

Beaux is an alternative spelling of the unisex French name, Beau, meaning “handsome” or “beautiful”. Other variations include Beaufort and of course, Beau.

What does Beaux mean in Louisiana?

It was a name for a person distinguished by great physical beauty. Interestingly, the name La Beaux was originally derived from the French words, “la belle,” which means, ” the beautiful.”

How do you use Beaux in a sentence?

He was a member of numerous organizations, including the Royal Society of British Artists and the Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts, France. Garrick took no part himself till his performance of Archer in the Beaux ‘ Stratagem, a month after the opening.

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Is Beau a feminine word?

Beau, nouveau, vieux, fou, mou have two masculine forms and one feminine form.

What is the female version of a beau?

Note that “beau” is the masculine form and “belle” is the feminine.

Is Bel a word in French?

5 Answers. “Beau” and “bel” are both french adjectives of the some token. That is that ‘beau’ becomes ‘bel’ before a french singular masculine noun starting with a vowel or a mute ‘h’.

Is hair in French feminine?

Hair in French is either le cheveu (one strand of hair) or, more commonly, les cheveux: the le makes it masculine.

What is the plural of Croix?

Noun. croix f (plural croix) cross (shape) (heraldry) a representation of a cross; the cross as a heraldic symbol.