Is Bleu a French name?

What is Bleu short for?

BLEU (bilingual evaluation understudy) is an algorithm for evaluating the quality of text which has been machine-translated from one natural language to another.

What is a typical French name?

Common names of this type are Jacques (James), Jean (John), Michel (Michael), Pierre (Peter), or Jean-Baptiste (John the Baptist) for males; and Marie (Mary), Jeanne (Jane), Marguerite (Margaret), Françoise (Frances), or Élisabeth (Elizabeth) for females.

What is the most beautiful French name?

Here are some of the most beautiful French names, what they mean, their origins, and how to pronounce them.

  • Aimée. Female | The French form for Amy, meaning ‘beloved’ | pronounced e-me. …
  • Anaïs. …
  • Corentin. …
  • Delphine. …
  • Étienne. …
  • Fleur. …
  • Gaël. …
  • Lucien.

Is Bleu a surname?

Early Origins of the Bleu family

The surname Bleu was first found in Argyllshire on the isle of Arran, where they held a family seat from ancient times, and the name can frequently be found on tombstones in and around Knapdale, on the isle of Arran.

How do you spell the girl’s name blue?


  1. Origin: Germanic.
  2. Meaning: Blue.
  3. Alternative Spellings & Variations: Bleu, Blu, Bluebell.
  4. Famous Namesakes: Blue Ivy Carter (daughter of rapper Jay-Z and singer Beyoncé), author Blue Balliett.
  5. Peak Popularity: Blue has never been in the top 1,000 names for boys or girls.
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What are classic French names?

20 Traditional French Girl Names

  • Anne.
  • Aude.
  • Aurélie.
  • Caroline.
  • Charlotte.
  • Dorothée.
  • Delphine.
  • Élisabeth.

What is a pretty French name?

Popular French Girl Names

Name Meaning
Gabrielle God is my strength; one of the archangels
Jeanne Feminine version of John
Juliette youthful, beautiful, and vivacious
Madeleine/Madeline Elevated and magnificent

What are unique French names?

Unique French names for baby girls

  • Amandine.
  • Amélie.
  • Anaïs.
  • Apolline.
  • Capucine.
  • Élodie.
  • Eugénie.
  • Faustine.

What is a typical French girls name?

French names popular for baby girls in France include Louise – a common middle name in the US – Camille, Manon, and Lilou. Other top French names for girls around the world include Arielle, Belle, Eloise, Gabrielle, Juliette, and Vivienne.

What is the most popular French girl name?

Most Popular Names

Ranking Girls Boys
1 Emma Gabriel
2 Jade Léo
3 Louise Raphaël
4 Alice Arthur