Is Cote a French name?

What is a French Cote?

[kot ] feminine noun. 1. (= rivage) coast. La route longe la côte.

How common is the last name Cote?

How Common Is The Last Name Cote? The surname is the 5,451st most widespread last name in the world. It is borne by approximately 1 in 70,083 people.

What does the name Cote mean in Spanish?

• Cote Definition & Meaning

(n.) A shed, shelter, or inclosure for small domestic animals, as for sheep or doves. (n.) A cottage or hut.

Does Cote mean hill?

Indeed “cote” means slope. It has nothing to do with coast, sea shore and river bank. In order to get more sun into the grapes and to drain the vines, winemakers grow vines on the hills towards the south and the south-west. An accurate translation of cote would be hill.

Why is Cote a nickname for Maria Jose?

English wasn’t her first language either, even when the family moved to Miami, Fla. when Cote was only ten years old. This is one reason she decided to use the nickname “Cote” because her birth name — Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez — was too challenging for her Miami friends and schoolmates to pronounce.

How do you say Côte d Ivoire?

The correct pronunciation of ​Côte d’Ivoire is Koht dee-vwahr. The “ô” in Côte is pronounced like the “o” in the word “story” and the “t” must be properly emphasized, like in the audio pronunciation.

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