Is fruits plural in French?

Is fruits masculine or feminine in French?

The word fruit in French is a masculine noun, and uses masculine articles with it. For example, the sentence ‘An apple is a fruit’ is Une pomme est un…

What is fruit called in French?

20 Fruit Names in French With English Translations

S.No. Fruit Name in English Fruit Name in French
1 Mango Mangue
2 Apple Pomme
3 Banana Banane
4 Orange Orange

What is the plural of mango?

noun. man·​go | ˈmaŋ-(ˌ)gō plural mangoes also mangos.

Is Apple masculine or feminine?

Fruit, trees, and gender

Feminine fruit Masculine tree
banana banano
manzana ‘apple’ manzano
cereza ‘cherry’ cerezo
pera ‘pear’ peral

What gender is Apple in French?

The gender of pomme is feminine. E.g. la pomme.

How do you spell kiwi in French?


  1. Fruit d’une liane. kiwi → kiwi; chinese gooseberry;
  2. (Zoologie) Oiseau. kiwi → kiwi;
  3. Monnaie de la Nouvelle-Zélande. kiwi → kiwi;

What’s orange in French?

orange. More French words for orange. las orange noun. orange. orangers.

Are pears French?

French Butter pears, botanically classified as Pyrus communis, are a delicate European variety that are members of the Rosaceae family along with apricots and peaches.

Baked Goods
The Mediterranean Dish French Pear Tart
Sweet Salty Tart Pear and Ricotta Ravioli with Gorgonzola Sauce
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What is watermelon in Canadian French?

In French, “watermelon” is called “pastèque”, but Canadians decided to translate it word for word from English: “melon d’eau”.