Is there a US Army base in France?

Are there any US military bases in France?

Évreux-Fauville Air Base. Laon-Couvron Air Base. Paris-Orly Air Base. Phalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base.

Is there a US military base in Paris?

Orly Air Base was a United States Air Force Facility during the early part of the Cold War, located at Aeroport de Paris-Orly, 15 kilometres (9 mi) south of Paris, France.

Orly Air Base.

Orly Air Base American Air Service Acceptance Park No. 1 Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) A-47
Built 1918
In use 1918-1919 1940-1967

Where are US Army bases in Europe?


  • US Army Garrison Ansbach.
  • US Army Garrison Baumholder.
  • US Army Garrison Bavaria.
  • US Army Garrison Hohenfels.
  • US Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz.
  • US Army Garrison Stuttgart.
  • US Army Garrison Wiesbaden.
  • USAG Bavaria, Garmisch.

Where are US military bases overseas?


  • 119 base sites in Germany; 119 in Japan; 73 in South Korea; 44 in Italy.
  • Others in Aruba, Bahrain, Cuba, Djibouti, Estonia, Greece, Honduras, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Marshall Islands, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, UK, US Virgins, Wake Island.

What army bases are in Europe?

Now here is my opinion of the top 10 Army Bases in Europe:

  • 10: United States Army Garrison – Schinnen. …
  • 9: United States Army Garrison – Rheinland-Pfalz. …
  • 8: United States Army Garrison – Livorno Camp Darby. …
  • 7: United States Army Garrison – Hohenfels. …
  • 6: United States Army Garrison – Ansbach.
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What army bases are overseas?

Military Bases Overseas

  • Afghanistan. Bagram Air Base. Camp Dwyer. Camp Leatherneck. …
  • Bahrain. NRCC Bahrain. NSA Bahrain.
  • Belgium. USAG Benelux. USAG Brussels.
  • Bulgaria. Aitos Logistics Center. Bezmer Air Base. …
  • Cuba. Guantanamo Bay.
  • Djibouti. Camp Lemonnier.
  • Germany. Campbell Barracks. Landstuhl Medical Center. …
  • Greece. NSA Souda Bay.