Is there Uber in Eze France?

Is there Uber in Eze?

Do Uber driver-partners pick up at EZE Airport? Yes. … The cost of an Uber trip to (or from) Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport depends on factors that include the type of ride you request, the estimated length and duration of the trip, tolls, and current demand for rides.

Can you drive to Eze France?

A visit to Eze is a half-day excursion from Nice and getting there is easy. It’s a 25-minute drive or 40 minutes on the public bus (number 82) – which costs just 1.50 EUR! You can also catch a train from Gare de Nice Ville station direct to Eze-sur-Mer and catch the bus (number 112) up to the village.

Is Eze worth visiting?

Eze is a most worthy day-trip while visiting Cote d’Azur. It is a reasonably short bus trip (one euro) from Nice and affords one great views of the French Riveria. Tour the castle and its gardens and take in the small shops and nice restaurants, especially LaTaverne d’Antan.

Is Eze a Nice place to live?

Eze is a quiet town where life is good, halfway between Nice and Monaco, making it both a sought out resort and independent residential area, with its municipality, its schools and sports facilities. … The municipality covers three different sites: the high Corniche , the village of Eze and Eze – Bord- de- Sea.

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How far is Monte Carlo from Eze?

How far is it from Monte Carlo to Èze? The distance between Monte Carlo and Èze is 5 km. The road distance is 8.7 km.

How old is the village of Eze?


Chateau Eza was built 400 years ago within the ancient city walls of the 9th century village of Eze.

How do I get from Nice to Eze village?

Nice to Eze by Bus

By bus departing from Nice, there are two options to reach Eze Village. You can either take the bus 82 Plateau the la Justice or the bus 112 Monte Carlo. Both depart from the East side of Nice. So, the buses can be taken on city centre of nice, near the port, and stop on the entrance of Eze Village.