Is Versailles the most expensive?

How much is the Versailles worth?

Palace of Versailles, France – $50.7 billion (£39bn)

Is Versailles the largest palace in the world?

(Many sources give the area as 360,000 square metres (3,900,000 sq ft).) In the castle category, Prague and Malbork Castles claim to be world’s largest.

Comparison of world’s largest palaces.

Rank 19
Name Palace of Versailles
Country France
Place Versailles
Floor area 63,154 square metres (679,784 sq ft)

Who owns the most expensive castle in the world?

The most expensive castle in the world today is the Chateau Lois XIV of France. The Chateau Lois XIV Castle was valued and sold to the crown prince of Saudi, Muhammad bin Salman at $300 million in 2017. This massive ten rooms structure lies on a 23 Hectares estate, which is about 57 acres!

What is the most expensive Palace ever built?

What Is The Most Expensive Palace in The World?

  • The most expensive Palace is Forbidden City Complex in Beijing, China. …
  • Built between 1406-1420 the complex consists of 980 buildings, reportedly encompassing 9,999 rooms.
  • So according to official figures in 2016, the cost of the whole complex is $12.25 billion.

Can you buy Versailles?

Where can I buy it? There are several types of ticket for the Palace of Versailles. … It is sold for the same price as the Passport ticket (€20) except on Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens days, when it costs €27.

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Is Versailles made of real gold?

The Palace of Versailles, known in French as the Chateau de Versailles, was constructed of white stone and brick – it is not made of gold.

Is Versailles or Buckingham bigger?

The gigantic 1,150-room complex is four times larger than France’s Palace of Versailles. Really.

How many kings lived in Versailles?

Not only did the immediate royal family reside there, but the palace also housed many members of the French nobility, as well as all official government offices. Up to 3,000 princes, courtesans, ministers, and servants lived there at any given time.