Question: Can you rent a car in Italy and return it in France?

Can you rent a car in Italy and drop it off in France?

Be sure to confirm that your rental car agreement even allows you to take a car from France into Italy. Most often folks drop their French car in France, take the train into Italy and pick.

Can you rent a car in one country and return it to another Europe?

Have an adventure of a lifetime on a Europe road trip with a one-way car rental from SIXT. Renting a one-way car rental is available in most popular cities across Europe, making it simple to start and end your trip where you would like to.

Can you return a rental car in a different country?

Yes, you can return the car in a different location. Usually, this is called “one-way rental”. … However, generally speaking, rental companies also charge the one-way rental extra fee based on how far the drop-off is from the pick-up as they’ll have to return it to its original city.

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Can I rent a car and drive all over Europe?

In Europe, car hire companies typically allow renters to drive their vehicles across international borders into neighbouring countries. … You must always inform the rental company of your travel intentions as they need to give you permission to take the car out of the country.

Can you rent a car one way in Italy?

You can drop your car off in another Italian city, however, in most cases there will be a domestic one-way fee you’ll need to pay when you pick up your vehicle. You can also drop off your rental in another European city, but be aware that an international one-way fee will be charged at pickup.

Can you rent a car in Switzerland and return it in Italy?

But with Switzerland, a non-member, at the heart of Europe there are problems at car hire offices: a Swiss-registered hire car cannot be driven across the border to France, Germany, Italy or Austria by an EU citizen (such as a Briton).

What happens if you return a rental car to the wrong location?

A drop charge is a fee for picking up a rental car at one location and returning it to a different location. The rental car drop fee varies depending on location and time of year. If you have to pay a drop charge, it will be disclosed at the time of reservation.

What happens if you return a rental car to the wrong location enterprise?

Depending on the location, date, and/or vehicle: A one-time drop charge or mileage charge may be be added to the rental. This is also known as an ‘inter-city’ fee. It will disclosed when you book via the website and is payable at time of pick up.

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Can I rent a car in France and drive to UK?

Taking a car rental from France to the UK is straightforward. No matter where in France you are coming from, you’ll need to go through the Euro Tunnel with a car transport. … The trip from France to the UK takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Can I drive a rental car from Germany to Italy?

Yes you can take a car rented in Munich and drive into Italy. We’ve done this many times. “Abalada” is correct… many rental companies will NOT allow you to take “high end” cars into Italy from Germany.

Can I rent a car in Spain and drive to France?

If hiring a car in Spain you can normally drive it to Portugal and France and Western Europe. … If you want to travel to Eastern Europe or cross any national border(s) with your rental car it is important that you please contact us on +49 89 412 09 786.

Can I rent a car in Spain and drop it off in France?

One Way Car Rental in Spain. Renting a car at one of our SIXT stations and dropping it off at another is easy with our one-way rentals. We offer a selection of luxury vehicles that can be picked up at a location in Spain and gives you the freedom to drive to Portugal, France or even the UK.

Can you rent a car in Croatia and return in Italy?

You won’t need to pay any additional insurance or cross-border fee. You can, for example, rent a car in Croatia and take it to Italy or Slovenia without paying any extra fee for border crossing.

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Can you cross the border with a rental car?

Most vehicles rented in the US can be driven throughout US and Canada. Some vehicle classes like Exotics, Large Passenger or Cargo Vans, and other specialty vehicles may not be allowed to travel outside of the US.