Question: How do you use present participle in French?

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What is present participle in French examples?

A French present participle can only be used as a verb and not as a noun.

Forming the Present Participle.

Verb NousForm Present Participle
être (to be) nous sommes étant (being)
savoir (to know) nous savons sachant (knowing)

How do you conjugate the present participle in French?

How to form the present participle

  1. Take the nous form of the present tense, eg: nous faisons.
  2. Drop the nous and the -ons ending to get the stem, eg: fais.
  3. Add -ant, eg: faisant.
  4. Precede the verb with en, eg: en faisant.

What does present participle mean in French?

The French present participle is the verb form that ends in -ant. It is far less common than its English counterpart, which ends in -ing. The French present participle may be an adjective, gerund, noun, or verb. … The French present participle can never be used to talk about what someone is doing.

What do you add to an verbs stem to make the present participle?

To form the present participle for first, second and third conjugation verbs, remove ‘-re’ from the infinitive to get the stem and add the relevant ending above. For fourth conjugation verbs you will need to add an ‘-e’ to the stem before the endings.

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What is the difference between gerund and present participle?

Both a gerund and a present participle come from a verb, and both end in –ing. However, each has a different function. A gerund acts like a noun while a present participle acts like a verb or adjective.

How do you use present participle in a sentence?

Present participle

  1. I am working.
  2. He was singing.
  3. They have been walking.
  4. We will be staying.
  5. She would have been expecting me.

How do you join a participle in a sentence?

Joining two sentences with a past participle

  1. The car was damaged in the accident. …
  2. Damaged in the accident, the car needed a new door.
  3. The boat was tossed up and down. …
  4. Tossed up and down, the boat developed a leak.
  5. I was impressed by the team. …
  6. Impressed by the team, I stayed for the whole match.

What is present participle grammar?

: a participle that typically expresses present action in relation to the time expressed by the finite verb in its clause and that in English is formed with the suffix -ing and is used in the formation of the progressive tenses.

What is Le participe présent?

The participe présent (present participle) is a form of verb similar to the English ‘-ing’ form. It is invariable and always ends with -ant. Les personnes portant un chapeau sont priées de se présenter à l’accueil.

How do you use gerunds in French?

The French gerund is used with the preposition en. It is equivalent to the English while + -ing, as in while eating (en mangeant); upon + -ing, as in upon arriving (en arrivant); and by + -ing, as in by exercising (en faisant de la gym).

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How do you conjugate plus que parfait?

The plus‐que‐parfait is the compound form of the imperfect and is formed by using the imperfect of the appropriate helping verb ( avoir or être) + the past participle of the verb. Its English equivalent is “had” + past participle: J’avais mal à l’estomac parce que j’avais trop mangé.