Question: How do you use punctuation in French?

How do you use punctuation marks in French?

In French, an extra space is inserted before some punctuation marks, like les deux-points (colons) and les points d’interrogation (question marks). Lastly, les virgules (commas) are used as decimals in French numbers, whereas les points (periods) are instead used to separate digits in large numbers.

How do you use punctuations and symbols in French?

“The Names for French Punctuation Marks and Symbols.” ThoughtCo.

Common French Punctuation Marks and Symbols.

. un point period, full stop, dot
: les deux points, un deux-points colon
; un point-virgule semicolon
une apostrophe apostrophe
! un point d’exclamation exclamation point

Why do French people put spaces before punctuation?

With French punctuation, the rule is slightly different. …all require a space before and after the punctuation mark. … This is because these marks are considered double punctuation marks, in that the symbols consist of two different parts. (This does not apply to Canadian French, though.)

How do you say punctuation in French?

Punctuation in French is almost the same word as in English: it’s “la ponctuation”. Watch out with the French pronunciation of the ending: “ssion (nasal), not “shion”.

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What do em dashes do?

The em dash can function like a comma, a colon, or parenthesis. Like commas and parentheses, em dashes set off extra information, such as examples, explanatory or descriptive phrases, or supplemental facts. Like a colon, an em dash introduces a clause that explains or expands upon something that precedes it.

Is the Oxford comma used in French?

The French have complicated grammar, syntax and punctuation without the Oxford Comma. They spurn the Oxford Comma and yet embrace the ampersand!

How do you type Guillemets?

To type the french guillemets on-the-fly, use Alt+174 for « and Alt+175 for ». The 174 and 175 needto be typed on the numpad and in this case is not prefixed by a zero (e.g. 0).

How do you use Guillemets?

Guillemets are usually used only at the beginning and end of an entire conversation. Unlike in English, where any non-speech is found outside of the quotation marks, in French guillemets do not end when an incidental clause (he said, she smiled, etc.) is added.

Do you use exclamation marks in French?

Yes, the whole language. In French, exclamation points, question marks, colons, and semi-colons (all forms of “high” punctuation) should always have a space preceding them. For example, if you wanted to text your friend about how much you hate being online, you’d say Je déteste être en ligne !

Do French use full stops?

En anglais, the decimal point is written with un point (a period or full stop) and thousands are marked with une virgule (a comma), but in French thousands are marked with un point (or sometimes just a space) and une virgule is used for decimal points!

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Do French add a space before punctuation?

Rule in French: One space before, one space after except for the semicolon where the space is optional. Note: to avoid having a punctuation mark on the line, you can use the unbreakable space. It is formed in Word by the key combination [ctrl] + [shift] + [space bar].

How do you write a question in French?

You ask a question in French by making your voice go up at the end of the sentence, by using est-ce que, by changing normal word order, or by using a question word. When you put the verb in front of the subject, you join the two words with a hyphen. A -t- is used in the il/elle form if the verb ends in a vowel.