Question: How does Juliet’s nurse describe Paris?

What does Juliet’s Nurse think of Paris?

After Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris would like to marry her, the Nurse chimes in and says, in part, “As all the world-why he’s a man of wax” (1.3. 82). This means that Paris is the ideal man; similar to what an artist would make out of wax.

How do the Nurse and Juliet’s mother describe Paris?

Lady Capulet describes Paris’s face as a precious book of love. Paris is “valiant, a man of wax, a flower.” Lady Capulet and Nurse describe Paris in terms of his physical appearance and his strong character. The cumulative effect is almost overwhelmingly positive.

How does the Nurse describe Paris in Act 1 Scene 3?

Act 1, scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet takes place at the Capulets’ house. Lady Capulet enters and tells Juliet’s nurse to summon Juliet. … She asks Juliet to start thinking about marriage because a man named Paris would like to marry her. The nurse exclaims that Paris is a great man.

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What does the Nurse say about Paris Why does she mention this do you think she was right to mention this to Romeo explain?

The Nurse said that Paris also wants to marry Juliet. The nurse says that Juliet’s love for Paris is leaving because she is in love with Romeo and wants to marry Romeo.

What is the nurses description of Paris and what does it suggest about him?

By referring to Paris as a “man of wax,” the Nurse is comparing him to an ideal man, who could serve as an artist’s inspiration and be sculpted out of wax. Typically, a wax figure would have perfect proportions and appear flawless, which is how the Nurse perceives the extremely handsome, wealthy Paris.

What metaphor does she use to describe Paris?

Lady Capulet uses an extended metaphor to describe Paris as a beautiful book of love.

What does Juliet agree with Paris?

The friar proposes a plan: Juliet must consent to marry Paris; then, on the night before the wedding, she must drink a sleeping potion that will make her appear to be dead. … Juliet consents to the plan wholeheartedly. Friar Lawrence gives her the sleeping potion.

What does the nurse say to Juliet about marrying Paris?

in Act III, Scene 5, the nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris instead of Romeo, because Romeo is banished and Paris is, in her words “a lovely gentleman.” This is crucial because up until this point, Juliet had trusted the Nurse with her secrets and accepted her advice.

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How does the nurse describe Paris in SC 5 lines 218 223?

5, lines 218-223? The Nurse describes Paris as a lovely gentleman making Romeo seem like a dishrag. He is lively and nice to look at. He is a good second marriage and is better than her first.

What is the nurse’s attitude towards Juliet in Act 1 Scene 3?

The Nurse, in her hilarious inability to stop telling the story about her husband’s innuendo about Juliet’s sexual development, shows a vulgar streak, but also a familiarity with Juliet that implies that it was she, and not Lady Capulet, who raised the girl.