Question: Is 2005 a good year for Bordeaux?

When can I drink 2005 Bordeaux?

2005 (hold for 10+ years) 1990 (drink or hold for 5+ years)

Is 2005 a good vintage?

Throughout the wine world, 2005 was, for most regions, a phenomenally good vintage. Champagne and Alsace also enjoyed superb years but perhaps encountered a few more difficulties than other regions, and some wines lacked concentration. … However, some terrific wines were still made.

What were the best years for Bordeaux?

Average, but still decent, red vintages of the last two decades include the 2014, 2011 and 2006, while those generally regarded as a comparatively poor effort include the 2013, 2012, 2008 and 2007. In the white corner – by which one generally means Sauternes – the best vintages years are 2015, 2014, 2011 and 2009.

Was 2006 a good year for Bordeaux?

2006 Bordeaux wine was also very successful for the dry white wines from Pessac Leognan. … Having tasted most more than 100 of the top 2006 wines on their 10th anniversary, it is obvious that many of the best wines remain stubbornly tannic and several wines, especially in the Medoc have taken on strict personalities.

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Should you decant old Bordeaux?

Old Bordeaux, Cabernets, Tempranillos and Rhônes should also usually be decanted, and they often also benefit from breathing.

Should you let Bordeaux breathe?

Young red wines, especially those that are high in tannin, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, most Red Zinfandel, Bordeaux and many wines from the Rhône Valley, actually taste better with aeration because their tannins soften and the wine becomes less harsh. …

Is wine from 2004 still good?

It might be a pleasant surprise or it might be swill. That’s actually part of the fun of trying wine. But generally speaking, if it was nothing special 2004 it won’t be better now. Wines that are worth “waiting for” are noticeably outstanding even when they’re new (they might need more decanting early in their life).

Is 2003 a good year for wine?

Burgundy and the Loire also had exceptionally good years. In Italy, some fantastic Chianti was made and both Germany and Austria produced some very good wines. Port enjoyed a small but exceptional vintage year.

Most Popular 2003 Vintage.

Wine Name Petrus, Pomerol, France
Vintage 2003
Grape Merlot
Popularity 5th
Score 94

What was the first extraordinary vintage for Bordeaux in the 20th century?

For oenophiles, the decade begins with the exceptional 1982, which is widely proclaimed around the globe as the first important vin de garde since 1970. Skip over the drab 1983 and 1984, pause a while at the reasonable 1985 and 1986, and bypass the 1987, and then you’re onto the decade’s other gems.

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How long can you age a Bordeaux?

Bordeaux wine is one of the best aging wines displaying a slow, gentle rise in maturity and complexity, followed by a period of peak drinkability. High-quality Bordeaux should be aged for at least 10 years but normally reach their peak in the 15-20 year range.

Was 2018 a good year in Bordeaux?

2018 Vintage: Bordeaux. Despite initially challenging weather, the 2018 Bordeaux vintage was excellent possibly even legendary. The winter was unusually wet and remained so throughout the spring. These warm, wet conditions did, however, prompt an outbreak of downy mildew which threatened various vineyards.