Question: What foods Does France not have?

What foods do French people not eat?

5 Weird French foods I won’t eat

  • Foie gras. A few things about foie gras rub me the wrong way. I don’t like the taste or smell and I like the way it’s made even less. …
  • Oysters.
  • Nutella.
  • Boudin noir. Blood sausage. Mmmmm. …
  • Tripe. This is a mix of animal innards and is commonly found in soup.

What American candy is not available in France?

Reese’s Cups

This candy is unavailable in most parts of Europe, or, if you’re lucky enough to find some, it’s definitely more expensive. So if you have a friend abroad, show them how much you appreciate them by sending them some Reese’s cups.

What English food can you not get in France?

Top 20 British Food Missed By Expats In France

  • Warburtons Crumpets 6 Pack. …
  • Cadbury Creme Egg. …
  • British Butler Unsmoked Back Bacon. …
  • Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce. …
  • Richmond Thick Irish Sausages. …
  • Heinz Tomato Soup.
  • Bisto Gravy Granules.
  • Richmond 12 Thin Pork Sausages.

Do they have popcorn in France?

Yes, it has crept in. Every cinema in Paris now has a huge concession stand with all of the usual stuff. However, the popcorn is not fresh popped — it is delivered in giant bags — a sugared popcorn outsells salted popcorn.

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Why is French food so bad?

French food does not live up to its reputation. Restaurants and Brasseries tend to serve food that is often overpriced in North American standards. They also lack taste. This is particularly the case in touristy areas, especially Paris.

Do they have Reeses in France?

Well in France, there are no Reeses cups, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter beer, peanut butter cheesecakes nor PB brownies. … I once went camping with a few French friends and asked who brought the ingredients to make “s’mores.”

What American foods are not in France?

10 American Foods I Missed in France

  • Iced Coffee. Iced coffee is certainly one of the benefits to globalized Parisian society, but its abundance is nowhere near that of American cities. …
  • Black Beans. …
  • Velveeta Shells & Cheese. …
  • Humboldt Fog. …
  • sweetgreen. …
  • Delivery Chinese Food. …
  • Kale. …
  • Peanut and Almond and Nut Butter Galore.

Do they have hot Cheetos in France?

1. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Truly the greatest American snack, IMO. … Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any in France, but my friends sent me four bags all the way from the US for my birthday this year, and THAT is what I call friendship.

Can you take chocolate to France?

With regard to dairy, for example, you can bring in processed products with only a moderate amount of dairy in them, such as milk chocolate. … You can also bring in items containing products of plant origin but processed, crushed, powdered, cooked etc… so that would inlude eg.

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Can you take bread to France?

You could travel with bread but not a sandwich, as you cannot bring even a small amount of butter, meat, or cheese that would be included inside it. Fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers are also all banned, so you cannot keep an apple or a banana in your pocket as a snack.

Can I send teabags to France?

Teabags, however, are not one of the items that are restricted for travellers entering the EU. … The same goes for your tea, whether teabags or loose leaf. With regard to tea in particular, European regulation 2019/2072 of 28 November 2019 states that you cannot bring in fresh, whole, uncut, unfermented tea leaves.