Question: What is the meaning of the French word Devant?

How do you use devant in French?

Devant means “in front of” and indicates a position or location, whether literal or figurative. It’s used only with nouns and stressed pronouns. Je veux m’asseoir devant toi. I want to sit in front you.

What does Par De Von mean?

[paʀd(ə)vɑ̃ ] adverb. [se boutonner] at the front. [entrer] the front way. preposition.

Is devant a word?

n. 1. an act of civility or respect.

What is the opposite of Devant in French?

the opposite of devant is derrière which means behind!!

What’s the difference between avant and devant?

Après refers to doing something after while Avant refers to doing something before. Derriere and Devant convey a notion of precise space. Derrier refers to being behind something, or someone and Devant refers to being in front of something or someone.

What is Pas Devant mean?

Not appropriate in the presence of children or current company. adjective.

What does Keister mean?

(slang) To conceal something in one’s rectum. Quick, keister this pot before the cops get here.

How many prepositions are there in French?

You will see from the table above that there are fewer preposition in French than English; in fact, there are only nine simple prepositions of position and direction – à, sur, sous, dans, en, vers, entre derrière and devant, as against fourteen in English.

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What is the English word for Sur?

sur- 1. a prefix meaning “over, above,” “in addition,” occurring mainly in loanwords from French and partial calques of French words: surcharge; surname; surrender; survive. Compare super-.