Question: Why were children not allowed to live in Versailles?

Why did they take the baby away in Versailles?

But at the time there was a good reason for this, a vital reason in fact: to make sure that the newborn child was not substituted for another. It was feared – and with good reason considering the times – that a girl might be exchanged for a boy or even a boy might be exchanged if he was born severely disabled.

Who was forced to live at Versailles?

From 1631 to 1634, architect Philibert Le Roy replaced the lodge with a château for Louis XIII, who forbade his queen, Anne of Austria, from staying there overnight, even when an outbreak of smallpox at Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1641 forced Louis XIII to relocate to Versailles with his three-year-old heir, the future …

Did the French watch the king poop?

These events would be massive public spectacles that could involve over 300 people. At the grand couvert, the king dined with his family – and nobles literally sat on stools to watch them. Visitors to Versailles often viewed the ceremony, as well.

Why did Versailles smell bad?

Versailles had a bit of a natural odour issue caused by the very land it was built on. The former march land had quite the foul smell at some spots, especially during the summer, which mingled with the scents of sweat given off by the courtiers and their garments.

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Does Versailles Palace have toilets?

At the palaces of Trianon, there are toilets and changing tables outside the Grand Trianon in the Park. Other toilets can be found at the Petit Trianon before the ticket checks, as well as in the Queen’s Hamlet.

Why are the beds in Versailles so small?

Re: Wondering about Versaille? Beds used to be short because people didn’t use to sleep lying down because old superstitions considered it to be the position of the dead. So they slept in half sitting position.

How much would Versailles cost today?

In 1994, American TV company PBS concluded that the French palace could have cost anywhere between $2-300 billion in today’s money.

What killed the Queen in Versailles?

In real, Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche’s death was not caused by a bug or anything remotely like that. It was quick and sudden, but the reason was an abscess which had formed under her left arm. The abscess turned purple and purulent, showed signs of septicaemia, and put her in a lot of pain.

Is NABO real?

Nabo (died 1667) was the African court dwarf at the court of King Louis XIV of France. Accusations of poison in the series finale, however, are well-grounded in historical evidence.