Quick Answer: How much does Paris Mountain cost?

Can you swim at Paris Mountain?

Swimming: Swimming is only permitted in the swimming area and is swim at your own risk. The swimming area is open 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and is weather dependent. Swimming is not permitted anywhere else on the park. … Several geocaches are located on the park.

Can you hike to the top of Paris Mountain?

Brissy Ridge Trail

At the top of the first steep slope, branch right at the fork with the Sulphur Springs trail. You will pass through oak and pine woods on the ridges, and Mountain Laurel along the creek areas. After you cross the paved park road, you will climb another steep slope back toward the parking area.

Does Paris Mountain have waterfalls?

Most people who’ve visited Paris Mountain State Park near Greenville will undoubtedly recall the picturesque waterfall spillway visible from the road just before entering the park, but not many people realize there is another lake in this state park, or that the stairway spillway is even more beautiful than the one by …

Is Caesars head open?

9 a.m.- 9 p.m., daily during daylight saving time. 9am-6pm, daily, the remainder of the year. Trails close one hour before dark, year round.

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Is Paris Mountain Open?

PARK HOURS: 8 a.m.- 8 p.m., daily.

Are there bears at Paris Mountain State Park?

Bears are spotted once or twice a year at Paris Mountain State Park, but Taylor said South Carolina hikers are unlikely to encounter a bear. She has only seen a bear once at Paris Mountain, under the persimmon tree. … Once the bear leaves the area, retrieve your pet and leave the area.”

Are bears in Paris Mountain?

What kind of wildlife is in the park? There are a number of animals here – raccoons, squirrels, skunks, occasionally a deer, rarely a black bear, many varieties of birds (both land and water), and snakes (mostly non-venomous).

Are e bikes allowed at Paris Mountain State Park?


Get your adventure started! Riding your e-bike on US Forest Service land is currently not permitted. However, there are several places where you are good to go! Check out Fire Mountain, Paris Mountain, Lake Norman and Lake Lure.