Quick Answer: Is French mandatory at McGill?

Is French required in McGill?

The language of instruction at McGill University is English. Proficiency in French is necessary for students to effectively and safely work with and support patients, families, and team members and for the successful completion of the programs listed below. …

Is McGill University all in French?

Montreal is a multilingual city in Quebec, a province where French is the official and majority language. McGill is an English-language university in this context. All classes and course materials are given in English. Students submit written coursework and exams in English, or in French if desired by the student.

Do you need French 12 to get into McGill?

PREREQUISITES: Grade 12 English or French, depending on the language of instruction at your school; Applicants to the B. Ed.

Is McGill French or English?

Toronto is English-speaking, while Montréal, where McGill is located, is in the French-speaking province of Quebec. However, most teaching at McGill is conducted in English, and proof of English proficiency is an application requirement.

Can I go to McGill if I don’t speak French?

No, you don’t have to be perfectly bilingual to study at McGill — and yes, we speak French! 1 in 5 of our students are Francophones. You’ll hear French spoken around campus, and all across Montreal.

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Do you need to know French to study in Montreal?

Basic French skills can bring you a long way in Montreal. … Universities, colleges and language institutes offer courses in oral and written French at subsidized fees for students. Students can find workshops to improve conversational French, language exchange programs, or even a private tutor to help you learn French.

Can I go to McGill without CEGEP?

The Mature Student category is available to applicants who: do not possess a conventional basis for admission such as a high school or CEGEP diploma, or. do not meet the minimum academic requirements and have no academic studies within the last five years that would constitute a basis for admission.

Can I get into McGill with a 85?

McGill students have the highest average entering grades in Canada, therefore, high academic achievement is a must for entering McGill students! While an 85% average is a requirement, the average entering grade at McGill is over 92% making it very competitive to apply.

Does McGill use Ouac?

Applicants completing an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in Canada and are registered with the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) should include their OUAC number in their application to McGill. This way we are able to retrieve your transcripts electronically.