Quick Answer: What does COI mean in French?

What does COI stand for in French?

COI. Complément d’Objet Indirect (French: Indirect Object; grammar)

How do you do COD and COI in French?

Un COD refers to the direct object of the sentence: the person or thing to which the action is done. For example: J’ai planté un arbre (I planted a tree): un arbre is the COD; La pomme que tu as mangée (The apple which you ate): la pomme is the COD. Un COI refers to the indirect object of the sentence.

What does COA mean in French?

COA, (certificat d’authenticité) certificate of authenticity, the ~ Noun.

Is COI a word?

No, coi is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What comes first COD or COI?

The COD is the direct object of a sentence. … On the contrary, the COI is the recipient of the COD. While the COD receives the action of the verb, the COI receives the direct object. Example: Il donne des fleurs à sa mère (He’s giving his mother flowers).

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Who is a COA?

(Certificate Of Authenticity) A document that accompanies software which states that it is an original package from the manufacturer.

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