Quick Answer: What triggers a social plan in France?

How does redundancy work in France?

Employees with eight months of seniority or more for the same employer on an open-ended contract are legally entitled to severance compensation in case of dismissal on economic grounds or for personal reasons. … 33.33% of the gross monthly salary times years of seniority, for employees with 11 years of seniority or more.

What is CSP France?

Centre Spécialités Pharmaceutiques was founded in 1951 in Puy-de-Dôme of the region ‘Centre’. Today, the headquarters of CSP are located in Cournon d’Auvergne near Clermont-Ferrand. CSP has deliberately chosen an implantation with two sites in France: Clermont-Ferrand and Paris.

Can you be made redundant in France?

Legislative changes in 2002 mean that French Law is fast moving towards a situation where in essence the French entity (as opposed to the group to which it may belong) must be in a sufficiently severe economic situation to justify laying off staff or making them redundant.

What is Social Plan France?

I.) The Social Plan in France (PSE)

The purpose of the social plan is to reduce dismissals as far as possible, to make them socially acceptable or – as far as possible – even to limit the number of employees to be dismissed. … The social plan provides various measures to make economic dismissals socially acceptable.

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Is redundancy pay taxable in France?

Payments made under a collective redundancy plan (in a company with at least 50 employees) within the meaning of articles L. 1233-32 and L. 1233-61 to L. 1233-64 of the French Labour Code are automatically exempt from income tax and social security contributions.

How much is redundancy pay in France?

For dismissals notified since 27 September 2017, the severance pay is equal to one-quarter of a month’s salary per year of service for each year of service up to 10 years, and one-third of a month’s salary per year of service for each year of service after 10 years.

What is a cadre employee in France?

The concept of “cadres” (i.e. executive employees) is a French law feature that covers in fact various types of employees – i.e. not only employees with a managerial position (“managers”) but also sales people, engineers, etc. … In 2010, 47.7% of the French executive employees have worked more than 40 hours per week.

What are the statutory benefits in France?

Mandatory employee benefits in France include old-age pension, solidarity allowance for the elderly, long-term disability pension, short-term disability pension, spouse’s pension, death grant, and workers compensation.

What is redeployment leave in France?

The redeployment leave runs at the same time as the notice period, and it lasts a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 12 months (the period previously being between 4-9 months). For the duration of the notice period, the employee receives full pay, without being expected to fulfil their contractual duties.