Quick Answer: Where is Germany France game being played?

Where are Germany playing their Euro games?

The Round of 16 tie at Euro 2020 between England vs Germany will be held at Wembley.

What stadium is France in Germany?

Stade de France

Surface GrassMaster by Tarkett Sports
Built 2 May 1995
Opened 28 January 1998
Construction cost €364 million

Where can I watch France vs Germany Euro 2021?

Viewing information

  • Date: Tuesday, June 15.
  • Time: 3 p.m. ET.
  • Location: Allianz Arena — Munich, Germany.
  • TV: ESPN.
  • Live stream: fuboTV (try for free)

Is Germany still in the Euros 2021?

The Round of 16 saw another eight nations exit the 2021 Euros, including reigning champions Portugal and heavyweights Germany.

Where is Stade de France stadium?

Who has sold out Stade de France?

BTS have officially sold out Wembley Stadium in just 90 minutes, becoming not only the first Korean act to play the prestigious and world-famous venue, but the first Asian act to sell out the stadium. Stade de France followed shortly after.

Where was Euro 2020 supposed to be held originally?

The coronavirus pandemic forced the tournament to be postponed last year and later caused two of the original host cities, Dublin and Bilbao, to give up their fixtures.

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Can you still get Euro 2021 tickets?

Those who are a bit more cautious, however, are looking to get tickets for games taking place at Wembley Stadium – of which there are seven scheduled. So as far as the overall picture goes, yes, tickets can be purchased and the event is still due to be played according to schedule.