Quick Answer: Which factor best explains the good relations between French settlers and Native Americans?

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Which was a reason for the good relations between the French and Native Americans?

France saw Indigenous nations as allies, and relied on them for survival and fur trade wealth. Indigenous people traded for European goods, established military alliances and hostilities, intermarried, sometimes converted to Christianity, and participated politically in the governance of New France.

How was the relationship different between the French and Native Americans compared to the English and Native Americans?

The English considered the Natives to be primitive and inferior themselves. So they tried to enslave or eradicate them. The French, on the other hand, were more concerned with controlling trade routes, with furs being the driving force. The French and the Native held a mutual-gain relationship.

What trading partners become allies of the French during the French and Indian War?

The Delawares and Shawnees became France’s most important allies. Shawnees and Delawares, originally “dependents” of the Iroquois, had migrated from Pennsylvania to the upper Ohio Valley during the second quarter of the 18th century as did numerous Indian peoples from other areas.

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Why did the French ally with the Huron?

Samuel de Champlain entered into an alliance with the Huron Indians. The alliance created a lasting trade partnership between the French and Hurons and helped strengthen both groups against the Iroquois.

Which statement most completely explains why the French settled in New France?

The statement that most completely explains the reasons of the French settlement in New France is that the French came to trap and trade fur, and they sought new land and a way to the Pacific.

What two factors might account for the differences in these Europeans views about the Native Americans?

Europeans also wanted to convert Native Americans to Christianity. Therefore, economic gain and religion were the two factors that most affected the dynamics of European and indigenous American relationships.

Which of the following best characterizes the relationship between English settlers and American Indians?

Which of the following best characterizes the relationship between English settlers and American Indians from the beginning of the Jamestown colony to the mid-1600s? … American Indians married Spanish settlers they met at missions.