Quick Answer: Who is the new girl Paris on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Who will play Paris Buckingham?

What is Paris up to on B&B?

Paris Buckingham is living with Finn and Steffy Forrester

However, she’s now living with the couple and acting as nanny to baby Hayes. Steffy and Finn took Paris in after learning she was searching for a place to live. The couple’s decision to invite Paris to move was met with confusion by fans.

Does Steffy wear wig on Bold and Beautiful?

Steffy’s hair looked amazing during the time of the Aspen wedding. That’s when it was the actress’s natural hair. No wigs, no extensions.

Who is Diamond White dating?

Jacob Whitesides and Diamond White seriously look so cute together in a few new shots they shared on social media today.

Where is Kiara Barnes from?

What happened to Steffy and Finn?

Happily Never After

Even on a show that tends to rush things, Steffy and Finn’s marriage fell apart ridiculously quickly. … Steffy — understandably miffed at her hunky kinda-sorta hubby’s boneheaded move — refused to sign the document that would make their marriage legal and exiled him to the guest house.

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