What animals lived in New France?

What animal was the most important to New France?

At the time, it was one of the largest farms in the colony. Throughout the French regime, cattle were the most important farm animal.

Who lived in New France?

New France, French Nouvelle-France, (1534–1763), the French colonies of continental North America, initially embracing the shores of the St. Lawrence River, Newfoundland, and Acadia (Nova Scotia) but gradually expanding to include much of the Great Lakes region and parts of the trans-Appalachian West.

What were popular foods in New France?

Pork and smoked hams were a preferred meat in the region. They also ate beef and domestic fowl as well as game, such as deer, bison, squirrel, bear, duck, and goose. Catfish was especially favored. Meat and vegetables were usually combined in soups, fricassees, and gumbos (derived from African cooking).

Why is Canada French?

A look at the history of Canada will reveal the reason why Canada speaks French. It was the French that first colonized the land. It was in the city of Quebec that these French colonizers first settled and established large communities. … Most of the population speaks French as their first language.

What were houses like in New France?

The houses in New France were built near rivers, lakes or ponds for the peoples water needs. The houses were also built near forests so if they needed wood for fires or to build a house it would be very convenient. The women in the houses made woven blankets for the summer and animal skin blankets for the winter.

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