What are examples of verbs in French?

What are the 20 verbs in French?

20 Most Important French verbs You Must Know

Français Anglais
Aller To go
Avoir To have
Être To be
Parler To speak

What are the French verbs?

100 Most Common French Verbs

No. Verb English
1 être to be
2 avoir to have
3 pouvoir to be able (can)
4 faire to do, to make

What are the 17 verbs in French?

The following is a list of verbs (and their derivatives) that require être:

  • aller > to go.
  • arriver > to arrive.
  • descendre > to descend / go downstairs. redescendre > to descend again.
  • entrer > to enter. rentrer > to re-enter.
  • monter > to climb. remonter > to climb again.
  • mourir > to die.
  • naître > to be born. …
  • partir > to leave.

What are the 4 main French verbs?

The Big Four (Être, Avoir, Aller and Faire)

What are the 3 types of verbs in French?

Types of verb in French

There are three main categories of French regular verbs, regular verbs with an infinitive ending in -er, such as manger, regular verbs with an infinitive in -ir, such as finir, regular verbs with an infinitive in -re, such as vendre.

How many French verbs are there?

There are somewhat over 300 such verbs, all conjugated identically, with some minor exceptions.

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What are the irregular French verbs?

Common Irregular French Verbs

  • aller – to go. Je vais. Tu vas. Il/Elle va. …
  • avoir – to have. J’ai. Tu as. …
  • dire – to say, to tell. Je dis. Tu dis. …
  • être – to be. Je suis. Tu es. …
  • faire – to make, to do. Je fais. Tu fais. …
  • pouvoir – to be able to do. Je peux. Tu peux. …
  • savoir – to know, to know how to. Je sais. Tu sais. …
  • voir – to see. Je vois. Tu vois.

What are modal verbs in French?

While English has will, shall, may, might, must, ought to, have to, can and be able to, French just has three modal verbs: vouloir, pouvoir, devoir. to which can be added certain uses of savoir.