What are the three types of bac in France?

What is le bac in French?

The French Baccalaureate. The French Baccalaureate or “le Bac”, is an extensive, national examination taken at the end of the “Lycée” (High School), upon completion of 11th and 12th grade.

What is le bac general?

The French general-track Baccalauréat is a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to students who pass a national exam, which they take in part at the end of 11th grade, with the bulk of the examinations at the end of 12th grade.

What is a bac 2 in France?

Bac +2 means two years of studies (technical, professional college, universities) after graduation. It’s one year less than the bachelor.

How many subjects are in French bac?

The new bac général includes six obligatory core subjects: French, history-geography, two foreign languages, sport, and a new subject called humanités scientifiques and numériques, which basically covers science and technology.

What are the types of bac?

Three Types of BAC Testing

  • BAC Breath Test. Breath testing is the most common method used by law enforcement to estimate BAC because breath analysis devices, or breathalyzers, are lightweight, portable, and provide immediate results. …
  • BAC Blood Test. …
  • BAC Urine Test.
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What is a bac 4?

If you have a Bac+4 degree from the old (pre-LMD) system, you will have written an independent mini-research thesis.

What is BAC Pro in France?

The bac pro is the natural prosecution of the BEP. It is a sort of BEP more specialized. After getting the bac pro, a student is able to practice a profession and even to undertake a “short study” (see below). … The first year, called “seconde générale et technologique”, is common to all students who chose this modality.

What are A levels in France?

In their final year of school, French students take le baccalauréat, or le bac, which is the equivalent of A-levels.

Is baccalaureate same as Bachelor?

The noun baccalaureate means the same thing as a bachelor’s degree from college. It can also refer to a “baccalaureate service,” which is a like a farewell ceremony for graduating seniors from high school or college.

What is the meaning of Bac 3?

English translation: Baccalauréat (French high-school diploma) + a 3 year university degree.